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Wedding Hairstyle and Wedding Makeup

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is deciding on your wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup. You will almost definitely want a professional artist to help you create your perfect look for your magical day. You will be coordinating the hair and makeup to compliment your natural features and your stylish accessories and fashion. Here are some things to know about your wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup.

Wedding Hairstyle and Wedding Makeup Sessions

Your wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup will be nothing like a typical appointment with a stylist. This special appointment will take place on your wedding day. Nothing can be rushed and the timeline will not give a minute. A wedding hairstyle can take between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the style. Wedding makeup can take about the same length of time. Expect to spend an hour to an hour and a half preparing in your suite on the day of your wedding. All the details of your wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup will be decided a few months before your big day. You will probably have a practice run to experiment and master the look you want to create. The practice run will also give you an idea about the length of time it will take to achieve the desired look. It is a good idea to have a photographer present to document the experience.

Wedding Hairstyle and Wedding Makeup
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The Wedding Party

If the wedding party will require a wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup, factor in the time, and if necessary, hire an extra artist. If you are working with one artist, the bride should always be the first in the chair. The maid of honor should be next. The bridesmaids will follow. If you have a large wedding party and complex styles, you should probably style the hair and makeup prior to arriving at the venue, and do touch up hair and makeup at the venue.

The wedding hairstyle and the wedding makeup should be fixed to perfection prior to slipping into the glamorous attire. Usually, the bride and wedding party wear matching robes during the session. This keeps the dresses flawless and creates memorable images during the bridal suite photo session. Always step into the gown last. Make sure you have a day of event coordinator to track the time and to ensure you step into your gown at the right moment.

Wedding Hairstyle and Wedding Makeup

Things to Consider

If you are considering hair extensions, you should schedule this appointment just prior to the wedding day. If you will be cutting or coloring your hair for the ultimate wedding hairstyle, this should occur at least a month prior to the wedding. The extra time will allow time for errors and corrections. Wedding makeup is more than the application on the day of your wedding. Brides and the wedding party start preparing their skin with treatments and facials a couple weeks prior to the event. Avoid chemical skin treatments a few months before the wedding. A week before the wedding, you might consider waxing, teeth whitening and tanning. Always use a professional for these services to avoid embarrassing mistakes with tanning and waxing.

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

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