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Choosing the Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding day begins with the picturesque wedding venue of your dreams. The venue will be the foundation of the theme and the entire event you are planning. It can be a challenge to find the space in the right location, with everything your vision requires and within the budget. Pull out your list of everything you know you want on your wedding day, and let's begin a journey to the wedding venue that will make your dream come true on your budget.

The Location

The location of the wedding venue is one of the most critical pieces of information to consider when making a decision. It should be situated in a location that is accessible and in close proximity to other places of importance. If you are holding your ceremony and reception at two separate locations, you should consider the distance and travel time between the two venues. Choosing a wedding venue that can accommodate the ceremony and the reception will eliminate any issues with location and transportation. Beyond the logistics, you want the location of your wedding venue to be meaningful.

Aesthetic of the Wedding Venue

With location in mind, shift your imagination to the details. Let’s explore the beauty of your wedding venue. A wedding in the forest with an aisle of wood floors between overgrown pines and fairy lights sounds absolutely breathtaking, and is not entirely impossible. Although, it can be more realistic to find those romantic and rustic elements within the wedding venue, rather than in the woods. Take out a list you made with your daydream, and think about what you want your wedding venue to look like. The wedding venue should be able to create the theme, colors and ambiance with uplighting, layers of floral arrangements and all of the linens. If you desire that rustic feel, find a venue with furnishings and an interior space that brings that theme to life. Pay attention to the tables, chairs, the floors, arches and the overall space for possibilities with your design.

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue Packages

Some wedding venues are nothing more than the empty space, which requires significant design, and expensive furniture and décor rentals. This can create more expense, and requires a little more work. Wedding venues with all-inclusive packages include furnishings and décor, and have extras that can make it more affordable to customize the wedding venue. It is important to tour a wedding venue in person and visualize the space. This will help you build a wedding package that gives you exactly what you need to create your vision.

Save the Date

Wedding planning involves a date that you will be working towards throughout the entire process. Some might engrave that date in their heart and never budge, while others are open to change. Think about your date, and decide which category you fall into. Sometimes, more than one couple share the love for the same special date. This can create conflict at a popular wedding venue. There are a couple ways around the situation. Book your venue far in advance. Most couples take about a year to plan their wedding. Some couples book two years in advance to guarantee their date. You might consider a brunch wedding, if the evening is already booked. If the date is available, pay a deposit to save the date. This is especially important with popular venues.

Also consider timing. Popular venues hold more than one wedding on the same day. There could be a brunch wedding before your evening affair or the other way around. Negotiate extra time. Consider the extra savings obtained through your wedding package, and apply the savings towards the extra time you want at the venue during your celebration. Booking the right block of time is just as important as booking the right date. Always book the time you need to make everything a smooth and relaxed transition.

A Wedding Venue with Vendors

Nothing takes more time or can be as risky as the process involved in building a wedding team of vendors to deliver exactly what you want on your wedding day. It can be a leap of faith to find the talent with the level of professionalism that your event deserves. A Leaning Tower of Pisa on your cake table or a caterer that shows up late can be absolute disaster. You head into a tasting and walk away with faith. It is essential that you choose a wedding venue that has experience executing weddings, and can accommodate your needs for a day of event coordinator and food manager. Make sure they have an established preferred vendor list. A wedding venue that can build your wedding team will save you countless hours and help you find the best rates without risking disaster. This puts the right talent in the palm of your hands, and gives you the diversity you need to make a safe choice for your wedding day.

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary is a picturesque wedding venue with the perfect blend of elegance and rustic elements. The in-house design team and planners customize an all-inclusive package to bring your unique vision to life. Professional designers work together to create the fairy tale you envision. Every wedding package includes a private meeting inside of the design studio, where you will be able to explore exclusive designs and coordinate the décor throughout the ceremony space and reception. All of the furnishings, décor, floral arrangements and staff services are included. Every cocktail hour and reception are staffed with bartenders and banquet staff. Day of event coordination services and food managers are important extras that guarantee a flawless execution of your event. Beyond the all-inclusive packages and design services, Crystal Ballroom vendors are at your fingertips to help you build a professional wedding team you can trust to deliver. Contact Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary to begin planning with your wedding venue.


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