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Hair and Makeup Stylists

Hair and Makeup Stylist
Hair and Makeup

Plan your fairy tale entrance with The Bella Agency, where renowned celebrity hair and makeup stylists bring creativity to your magical moments. Whether princess or prince charming, and regardless of the destination location, make your grand entrance like the Disney stars. Walk the red carpet to your picture-perfect moment with confidence, and the most talented and experienced artists in the industry. Beauty is so much more than a pretty face -it is about embracing confidence and loving the person you are.

The Bella Agency
Hair and Makeup Stylists

The Face of The Bella Agency

The Bella Agency brings diverse talents and distinguished artistry to create a pristine destination wedding or fairy tale event that is beyond magical. Meet the hair and makeup artists from behind the scenes of Season 2 of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. The celebrity artist talent has been featured in published magazines, and is a recipient of multiple awards, including the Couples Choice Awards. The Bella Agency was founded by professional cosmetologist, Yanice Torres, and expanded with a team of six artists that work closely to bring expertise to your unique style. An array of professional services match every specific type and texture of hair and skin. Everyone in the chair of The Bella Agency dominates the look and takes the stage.

Hair and Makeup Artists

Destination weddings are made beautiful by The Bella Agency. More than 15 years of experience and destination weddings in Tobago, Costa Rico, Bahamas, across the nation and at Crystal Ballroom in the heart of Lake Mary, Florida brings excellence to your hair and makeup experience. The love for cosmetology, print and the film industry merge to deliver expertise and enhance the beautiful you. The Bella Industry meets on site at your bridal suite or wherever your imagination takes you to match the theme and style of your unique hair and makeup look. Build confidence and lend your beautiful face as a canvas to design your masterpiece for your dream come true moments.

Hair and Makeup Stylists


Traditional Makeup

Makeup is compounded to a unique blend that is just as unique as you. It provides versatility from sheer tint to full coverage, and is blended to match exact skin tone. Customize your coverage and obtain your perfect look with traditional liquid, cream, or pressed powder makeup in a variety of shades. Traditional makeup is combined with properties for a specific match to skin type and skin coverage needs.

Airbrush Makeup

Create a flawless and light-weight finish with airbrush makeup. When you want a light appearance that allows your true beauty to shine through, airbrush makeup can provide the perfect base. Makeup is mixed to match skin tone and customized for a flawless look. It provides a waterproof 24 hour wear that you can rely upon.

Hair Styling

The Bella Agency will customize the hairstyle you dare to imagine. Walk the aisle with confidence and blown out luscious locks or the updo you dreamed of having on your special day. Match your unique style and theme with a bohemian, classic, retro or a modern look. Bring your vision and The Bella Agency will recreate your dream look. Feel absolutely beautiful on one of the most important days of your entire life with a hairstyle to match your personality, theme and the dress of your dreams.

Hair Extensions

Meet the latest trends in hair fashion with flawless hair extensions that are dyed to match color and the highlights of your hair for a natural look. Add long and luscious locks of gorgeous to your special moments.

Lash Extensions

Frame your eyes with the length and volume of lash extensions. Choose from individual lashes or a full strip of adhesive lashes to create every mood from wispy to dramatic. Adhesive strips will give you a full day of beauty like a Cinderella story. If you want to maintain the look beyond your special day and take it to your honeymoon, individual lash extensions can add longevity to your natural looking lashes.

Makeup for Tattoo Coverage

A specific color correcting tattoo makeup is mixed and compounded to a consistency and tint to match your skin, while providing the right amount of full-coverage for tattoo cover-up. Tattoo coverage makeup is an invisible look that blends evenly without rubbing off. The water resistant full-coverage lasts all day. You can also hide discolorations, bruises, scars, acne, age spots, under-eye circles, moles, certain skin conditions, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and birthmarks.

Groom Services

The Bella Agency provides groom services to the groom to polish him up and help him achieve the distinct look he seeks to create. Look absolutely charming on your magical day with groom services that include hair-styling and light makeup for him. Whether rough and rugged or polished and charming, The Bella Agency has special services to cater to the groom.

The Bella Agency Experience

The Bella Agency makes your moments beautiful and unforgettable. Diversity and artistry combine with high quality products to create the most luxurious hair and makeup styles. Choose your artist from a team of talent, and let The Bella Agency bring the full studio experience to your event with lighting, chairs, and a suitcase of cosmetics built to deliver your dream style. Every bride is gifted a bridal starter package on their special day that includes everything a bride will need to touch up for the big moment and make it nothing less than perfect.


Meet with a stylist prior to your wedding day to explore and customize your hairstyle, and blend makeup to find your perfect skin match for tone and texture. Take advantage of a full consultation to create vision and match your needs. Explore cosmetics, bridal tote bags, mugs and champagne flutes at The Bella Agency to make your day a little extra special. Whatever you envision, The Bella Agency will make it a dream come true.

Hair and Makeup Stylist


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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