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Choosing a Weekday Wedding Day

Wedding Day

A wedding day traditionally falls on a weekend. The reasons could have everything to do with schedules and planning or just the comfort of tradition. Imagining a weekday wedding day might seem offside, but not only is it a growing trend, there are significant reasons why you should consider a weekday wedding day.

Choosing a Date

Chances are that most do not just grab a wedding date from a magical hat of fate. This is not a blindfolded leap into the air for most. Our wedding day is usually well thought out and planned. One of the most significant parts of the plan is the wedding day. It is either an anniversary, the date of a first kiss or some other significant date that made its way to our calendar of memories. What happens when that special date falls on a weekday wedding day and not the weekend from tradition? Having that special wedding day might mean choosing a weekday wedding, and that is okay. There are advantages to the weekdays.

Wedding Planning

Advantages of a Weekday Wedding Day

There are many advantages to choosing a weekday wedding day. Rates at wedding venues can be significantly cheaper during the week than on the weekend. When you have a weekday wedding day, the weekend can be completely dedicated to the honeymoon travel. Remember that special date that means so much that you are planning your entire wedding around it and on it? A weekday wedding day might mean you get to celebrate on the date that means the most. Some vendors have special weekday rates that can offer additional savings. While there seems to be a shift in the trend for weekday weddings, there is still more flexibility with dates at wedding venues and with vendors to have your day during the week at the best rates.

When couples are faced with circumstances that require them to postpone their wedding day and reschedule, they find themselves in a predicament with a shortage of weekend dates. If couples are committed to finding another date within the same year, a weekday wedding day can be the saving grace. Sometimes this means a couple can have their wedding sooner. Wedding venues will likely have more flexibility to schedule a weekday wedding day, and vendors will likely be available to cover the event.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Whether you choose a weekday wedding day or weekend, a wedding planner and coordinator at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary can help you choose the perfect date. Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team, planners, vendor connections and a day of event coordinator package to create your dream wedding on a budget you never imagined possible. Contact Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary wedding venue to choose your wedding date, and make your wedding day the magical day that it should be.

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