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Tips for the Wedding Toast

Wedding Toast

The wedding toast is a significant part of the reception and your wedding day. It is not the first detail we plan, and rarely gets attention until we start to really think about the timeline of details. Whether cute and funny or tugging emotional strings, it will be a memorable event. A few important people will deliver a speech and make a wedding toast during the reception.

The Wedding Speeches

A few important people will deliver a speech on the big day. Traditionally, the father of the bride is the first to take the floor and deliver a heartfelt speech and toast to the bride and groom. The mother of the bride can choose to deliver a speech of her own. The best man and maid of honor will give an important speech and tip their glass to the couple. The groom and the bride will also deliver a speech, and give a special thank you to the hosts and all the guests in attendance.

Parts of a Wedding Toast

A wedding toast is broken down into a few segments. As with any good speech, you must have an open that grabs attention. You might have a line that makes everyone laugh or say something a little sentimental. You should immediately follow with an introduction that identifies yourself. Show some gratitude and thank the hosts. Your speech should have a main point, like an essay with a strong thesis. Follow the theme and share a heartfelt story with your audience. Share a personal experience and a meaningful story. Bring it all together with a solid conclusion. Applaud the newlyweds and give best wishes for their beautiful future.

Wedding Toast

Tips for a Good Wedding Toast

There are a few tips for a good wedding toast. You will probably know one person better than the other, but speak to the newlyweds as they are a couple and of equal importance. Remember the audience and avoid telling stories that might be in poor taste. Keep it light and positive. Create a good memory, and avoid inside jokes and emotional triggers. A good speech does not last more than five minutes. Keep it short and sweet. Flash cards, a tablet or a cellphone are completely acceptable places for notes, but the best delivery will be a practiced one that sounds less like reading and more from the heart. Wear a smile. Your expression will affect the tone of your delivery. If you are making a wedding toast, avoid a drunk speech.

Filling the Cup

Traditionally, the wedding toast is made with champagne or white wine. Not every couple chooses to have alcohol. Dry weddings are a thing. If you choose a dry wedding, fruit juice mixed with bubbly carbonation or a non-alcoholic champagne or wine are good substitutes. Champagne glasses are usually poured in advance of the toasting ceremony. It is okay to step outside of the box of tradition and plan shots, a signature cocktail, your favorite wine or allowing your guests to choose their beverage.

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