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Long Engagement or Short?


If you just got engaged, you are probably on an exciting journey to wedding planning, and possibly wondering the difference in a long engagement and short, and wondering which to have. A common fear among couples, brides especially, is that the magical date is creating a long engagement beyond the norm. While engagements and the length are as unique as relationships, this should help you learn the difference and understand whether you want a long engagement or a short one.

The Timing of It

Let us begin with the exciting and rushed short engagement before delving into the sometimes feared long engagement. A short engagement usually involves wedding bells within a year of the big question. If a year and a half has passed you by and you have not said “I do,” you are probably in a long engagement. Both lengths of time are acceptable. Some couples report being engaged for five years or longer. Make your date significant, meaningful and unique to you and your partner. However, there are some pros and cons to consider.


A Different Timeline with a Long Engagement

The most noticeable difference between a short and long engagement is the time to plan. Everything else will be the same. However, a shorter engagement period puts tighter constraints on the timeline. You will begin with your budget, gain inspiration and start the planning process. Time constraints can put extra stress on the budget. A shorter wedding allows less time to save money. A long engagement will give you more time to plan the details.

Guest List and Wedding Party with a Long Engagement

You will form a guest list for your wedding, regardless of whether you have a short or long engagement. If you are hoping for a large wedding, consider that you might limit some guests from attending by providing a shorter notice. If you desire a smaller guest list, having a long engagement could work in your favor as well. Many distant friends seem to jump out of the woodwork after an engagement is announced. It can be challenging to pick your wedding party from the lineup when everyone wants to be a bridesmaid. If you have a longer engagement, many distant friends will find their place in the out of contact zone, allowing you to see who is true enough for a role in the wedding party.


Securing a Date

A long engagement allows for more time to pick a date from everything meaningful to your favorite holiday or season. It also allows for more time to gain inspiration for your wedding day and choose the wedding venue beyond your wildest dreams. A short engagement could have you rushing towards a near approaching deadline, rather than touring the perfect venue and meeting with designers.

Long Engagement Gossip

The worst feeling is the long engagement gossip that circulates. Even though we are taught to ignore the rumors, they always affect us on some level. Avoid all those long engagement rumors about whether you are still getting married and why you are taking so long to tie the knot. Whether you are having a short or long engagement, create a wedding website to keep guests and the wedding party in the loop of planning. You will be able to announce your engagement and wedding, and they can follow along during the exciting process of planning your wedding. Creating a wedding website will keep everyone informed about ideas, changes, gift registries, and even seating charts.


Planning a Honeymoon after a Long Engagement

A long engagement will give you more time to plan your romantic escape. This means more time to research and more time to save. Planning distant travels takes time. If you are planning a cruise or to travel abroad, make sure you check vaccination, passport and visa requirements for your destination. Also check safety advisories from the U.S. Department of State and Center for Disease Control.

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