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Dreamy Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

We all want the wedding from our dreams. How do we find truly dreamy wedding venues and create what we envision? It all begins with the venue. We are sharing a few tips for creating the space and the experience. Keep reading to discover the secret to dreamy wedding venues.

Wedding Venues with Special Effects

Every great performance entails a few special effects. Your wedding day will be among the greatest performances of your lifetime. Dimension is accomplished with uplighting in all the perfect angles. Rather than merely staging flowers and décor, accent lighting highlights pieces in the room with a hue of your favorite wedding colors. Accent trees, flowers, decor and even the walls. Lighting is a special effect that helps define and transform your space instantly. Choose a wedding venue with uplighting effects.

Walk Upon Rose Petals

Beyond the lights, camera, action, you need a little romance sprinkled in all the right places, that being the aisle in your ceremony space. Wedding venues with in-house designers and florists can design your aisle by meticulously placing rose petals to form hearts and other unique shapes to match your theme. This small detail helps create dreamy wedding venues.

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Professionally Designed Wedding Venues

Your wedding day should be a complete fairy tale. Professional wedding designers can bring it to life. Create a picturesque space, from ceremony to reception, with a team of dedicated designers and planners. Designers can help to incorporate the elements of your theme. The wedding arch, backdrop, flowers and centerpieces should be perfectly staged. Dreamy wedding venues all have something in common: a professional design team.

Centerpieces Play a Part

Your wedding centerpieces set the tone within the venue. Flickering candles with melted wax, wood slices for charger plates, oversized floral arrangements with lush greenery and whitewashed wood set the tone for a rustic theme. Lanterns are perfect choices for rustic wedding centerpieces. Metallic, acrylic, and glass can create a more classic, elegant or modern look. The style, size and shape will make a significant impact on the design.

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Accenting Wedding Centerpieces

Candles and small floral arrangements are part of dreamy wedding venues. Make a romantic statement with scattered jars filled with flickering candles. Candles are versatile wedding centerpieces that create a dramatic effect, and compliment almost any décor and every theme. Candles are available in a variety of colors to create an additional opportunity to bring your wedding colors into the space. Use unscented candles on the tables where food will be served, and get creative with the possibilities.

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Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary is a unique wedding venue that allows couples to customize every detail of their wedding day with a professional team and exclusive designs. Every wedding package includes a meeting with a professional designer to handpick the pieces. Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary designs and creates your dream wedding from ceremony to reception to make every magical moment unique. Walk the aisle in a dreamy venue that is designed just for you. All of the furnishings, designs and services are included. Contact an event advisor for a complimentary VIP tour and consultation.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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