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Deenice Productions is Videography that Captures the Moment

Experience the magic and bring the memory of your fairy tale to life with a full-length cinematic production by Deenice Productions. Capture your moments with the videography professionals that are raising the bar of excellence. Passion, dedication and extraordinary talent capture the feeling behind every glimpse, smile and kiss to preserve the moment for eternity. Some people search a lifetime for a piece of the magic that rarely exists beyond fiction, and you found it. Do not let one single moment of it fade away to a memory. Life doesn’t offer a retake. Capture every perfect moment as you create it on your magical day, and immortalize those moments with immersive cinematography by Deenice Productions.

Because Your Moments are Worth Keeping

Take center stage at the exotic destination of your dreams, and the camera will follow you there. If a photograph speaks a thousand words, videography speaks more than all those ever housed by the Library of Alexandria. When you stand there before the world to vow those poetic promises that bind you to one another forevermore, when the bride makes that breathtakingly beautiful entrance, when the light hits just like that, and when the wind takes you away in the passion of a kiss, Deenice Productions is there to capture every moment and tell your love story with dramatic cinematography. Deenice Productions is professional videography, quality you can trust, and service you can depend on to deliver.

Meet the Extraordinary Talent Behind the Camera

Deenice Productions was founded by former video producer and chief editor for the Orlando Magic, Dror Doner. After graduating from a rigorous and limited acceptance videography program at Florida State University, the passion for video and marked talent brought Dror to the production of the Orlando Magic. Then, once more, fate created the perfect coincidence, and the love for capturing magical moments was discovered. The high-action sports videography background and undying passion for creating dramatic video ensures every beautiful moment is seized for eternity. More than 20 years of experience, is experience you can trust. Capture all of the excitement and emotion entwined with every moment you create, and step inside of a captivating production to relive it each time you view it. Deenice Productions believes your moments are worth remembering.

Videography Consultation

Develop a genuine relationship with a client-focused videographer that revolves around you and capturing your magical moments. A videography consultation is essential to creating your vision. It is the opportunity to learn about techniques and possibilities for the day your fairy tale comes true. Bring imagination to a consultation and explore all of your options with videography, drones, effects and the creation of your cinematic production. Share your vision and timeline for your magical day with Deenice Productions, and capture perfect memories that come to life each time you view them.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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