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Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Party

Every bachelorette party should involve some fun and games. Creating an unforgettable day with the bride-to-be is the ultimate objective. Put on your tiara and start planning with these bachelorette party games.

Scavenger Hunt Bachelorette Party Games

The scavenger hunt is one of the most popular bachelorette party games. Make a list of challenges that the bride must accomplish on her adventure with the girls. It can be anything from taking a picture with a police officer to drinking three shots, preferably in that order and not the reverse. Have fun creating a list of challenges with check boxes to cross off each completed task. Make sure to take pictures along the way, and keep the dares and challenges safe and appropriate.

bachelorette party games

Mad-Lib Bachelorette Party Games

Mad-Lib bachelorette party games can ad some fun to the adventure. Mad-Lib is a party card game that requires each person in a group to complete a couple sentences by using various adjectives and nouns from their hand of cards. In this scenario, you are making your own bachelorette party games. You would make your own short story, hide the short story from the group, and ask the group to individually write down a list of nouns or adjectives in order, as your story demands to complete the sentences. Print a few versions on decorative cards and shuffle them. Ask each member of the group to take turns reading the short story aloud while plugging their words into the blank spaces. The outcome can be hilarious. Here is an example to try:

1. Verb: _________

2. Adjective: _________

3. Noun: _________

4. City: _________

5. Noun: _________

6. Noun: _________

7. Noun: _________

8. Adjective: _________

9. Adjective: _________

10. Noun: _________

11. Number: _________

12. Nouns (plural): _________

13. Noun: _________

14. Noun: _________

15. City: _________

This fairy tale is a happily ever after story that began with a [noun]. That was just the beginning. Here we are on a [adjective] adventure on a [noun] in [city] looking for a [noun]. Before the stroke of midnight, the bride-to-be must kiss a [noun] and dance on a [noun]. We are [adjective] and [adjective] looking for a [noun]. We had [number][nouns] and found a [noun], but got lost in the process. Now we need to find our way to a [noun] in [city] to return the bride to her true love by morning.

Bachelorette Party Games with Dares

"Truth or Dare" is probably one of the first bachelorette party games that comes to mind when we think of dares, but there is another one that has more purpose. Since this party is about the bride, playing a game of "How Well Do You Know the Bride" is the perfect game to play. Have a list of questions about the bride that each of the girls must answer correctly. If they fail to answer correctly, they must perform a dare. Try to keep it appropriate and fun. "Never have I ever" should also make the list of bachelorette party games. Tell a list of scenarios that each of the girls must either admit or deny whether they have done the same and tell all the details or take a dare. Remember to keep your games safe and appropriate. Never request offensive or dangerous dares.

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