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Your First Dance

First Dance

If you are planning your wedding day, you are probably thinking about your first dance. Every eye will be on you as you dance your most romantic dance beneath the spotlight. This tradition must be perfectly planned. These tips will help you plan an unforgettable first dance.

First Dance on the Timeline

The first dance must occur on the wedding timeline at the most perfect moment. You might be wondering when that moment should be. Many couples take to the dance floor just after the grand entrance. Traditionally, the first dance does not occur until after the meal and the cutting of the cake. Depending on the events and order you plan them, your reception might take a different shape.

Lessons for the First Dance

We are not all professional ballroom dancers, but we all wish we were during the first dance. Ballroom dancing was once a commonly developed skill and part of formal education. Your celebration will likely thrive with modern music and dance; however, opening the dance floor with a formal ballroom dance creates the ultimate surprise for your guests. If you want a perfectly choreographed dance with flawless execution, you might consider dance lessons. Dance lessons require dedication to make them worth it. Your wedding day deserves the investment. An instructor can help you choose your song and create your unique performance. You will learn the basics and participate in a fun bonding experience during your wedding planning process.

First Dance

Choosing the Perfect Song

Choosing the perfect song for the first dance will take a little thought. Music is all about timing and so is your first dance. The beats in a measure will affect your footwork and style. Think about the style of dance you envision and plan the song with the dance. There is more than style to consider. You will want to choose a song with meaningful lyrics. You cannot play a breakup song for its perfect beat. As a general rule, narrow your choices to those with proper time and genre before choosing the song with the right meaning for the moment.

First Dance on a Cloud

Cloud effects can create lasting impressions and the perfect images for your wedding portraits. Cloud effects blanket the floor with a low-lying fog and give the illusion of dancing on the clouds. This is one of the most romantic ideas for the first dance.

First Dance

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

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