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Setting a Wedding Date

Setting a Wedding Date

Congratulations! You just got engaged and are setting your wedding date. Some couples immediately know the important box on the calendar. This date is usually entwined with significant events, such as an anniversary or a first something. Others carry on with long engagements and many significant events along the way that create challenges for settling upon one significant day on a calendar. These tips should help you align the stars and set a wedding date for your fairy tale come true.

Wedding Date at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

A Significant Wedding Date

How do you make it significant? Your wedding date does not just leap from a hat of fate. It requires careful thought and consideration. Think about your anniversary, the date you got engaged or another date that means something to both of you. That date can be very easy to imagine for most, making choosing a special day an easy task. Sometimes this significant day falls in the winter when you always wanted a wedding in the spring. You might want to kiss at the wedding arch on the same date as your very first kiss, but maybe not so much when you discover the date is on a Tuesday next year. Long engagements with couples that have already spent years living together like husband and wife find it challenging to set the actual wedding date. Fortunately, there is a tried and tested strategy for choosing a significant wedding date when the day is not so obvious.

Weekend or Weekday

How do you feel about getting married during the week? Some couples are glued to the weekend, assuming there is a tradition set in stone about weekend weddings. You must determine how you feel about the actual day of the week. This will help you rule out most days on the calendar. Narrowing your options can make it less challenging to decide.

Wedding Date

Advantages to Consider

If you are considering a weekday wedding, you will discover there are some advantages to choosing a wedding date during the week. Rates at wedding venues can be significantly cheaper during the week than on the weekend. A weekday wedding occurs on a day that sets the stage for travel to a weekend honeymoon. When the special date with significant importance falls on a weekday, you get to celebrate on the date that means the most.

Choosing the Season

A sure way to narrow down your options is to choose a season. This can be as simple as your favorite season or letting the colors, theme and setting of your wedding decide. If you are considering a romantic outdoors garden ceremony, you can narrow the choice down to the summer or the spring. Even when celebrating indoors, the summer and spring can bring color into the space. Winter weddings can create a romantic winter wonderland theme.

Think about your colors and the theme you envision, and let that vision choose your season. Different seasons might affect your wedding attire, such as whether you have long sleeves or a daring open back gown. When choosing a wedding date by season, research the weather and all the elements that would contribute to your colors and theme.

Choosing a Wedding Date by Location

Some couples are chasing a trend with destination weddings for the romantic adventure. Choosing a wedding date by location requires that you find the wedding venue of your dreams, and pick a date based upon venue availability, budget and travel. Once you find your dream wedding venue, you can easily coordinate a date with the planners at the wedding venue. You will want to consider whether weekday weddings are cheaper, and which dates during the year will give you the most savings. Also consider travel arrangements to the venue, for you and your guests. You will want to keep certain holidays in mind that might limit travel, and avoid expensive peak travel times.

Select a Wedding Date at Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Whether you are choosing a wedding date based upon a special day, season or a destination wedding, the planners and designers at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary can create the wedding of your dreams. Step inside of the design studio and begin planning with designers at this breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue. The all-inclusive concept delivers all of the furnishings, décor and services to create your dream wedding on a budget you never imagined possible. Contact Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary to schedule your VIP tour and choose your wedding date.


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