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Roles for the Ultimate Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Your wedding party should consist of very important people that are able to handle the responsibilities involved. Before you choose your wedding party, become familiar with the roles and responsibilities. Keep reading to discover a small list of roles for the ultimate wedding party.

Order to the Madness

You might discover a lot of pressure to form your wedding party. You will probably need a headcount for your wedding day to plan important details, such as the venue and catering; however, knowing the exact size of your wedding party is not a pressing detail. The first thing you should do is choose your venue. You must find the perfect location and book your wedding venue before anything else. It is easier to add to your wedding party than it is to rescind an invitation. Once you have locked down the location, venue and many of the details, decide who you want by your side.

Wedding Party

The Maid of Honor in the Wedding Party

The maid of honor probably has the most important role as an assistant to the bride during the entire planning process and on the wedding day. The maid of honor serves as the bride’s right hand and is a critical piece of the support system. She will plan and host a bridal shower and unforgettable bachelorette party. On the wedding day, she will be there to offer emotional support, help the bride get dressed, hold the bouquet and bustle the gown. The maid of honor is responsible for purchasing her own dress, shoes, airfare and hotel.

The Best Man

The best man is the right hand man to the groom and takes an important role in the wedding party for the groom in a similar way as the maid of honor does for the bride. He will not only stand beside the groom on the wedding day, but will also offer support during the days leading up to the event. He will be responsible for giving the best man speech, pulling off a bachelor party and getting the groom to the wedding on time. He usually holds the rings until the ring ceremony. The best man is responsible for paying for his own attire, airfare and hotel. He usually splits the cost of the bachelor party with the rest of the groom’s wedding party.


This group offers support to the bride, helps the maid of honor plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and splits the cost of the events. On the wedding day, the bridesmaids walk down the aisle ahead of the bride. Bridesmaids often take on other important responsibilities during the wedding.


The groomsmen take on a similar role for the groom as the bridesmaids do for the bride. They are involved in planning the bachelor party, and split the cost of the event. The groomsmen have a supportive role during wedding planning and on the big day. They may welcome guests upon arrival and show them to their seats, if ushers are unavailable. Groomsmen stand beside the groom during the ceremony to offer support. They are responsible for purchasing their own attire, airfare and hotel.

Wedding Party

Mother of the Bride in the Wedding Party

We do not always think of the mother of the bride as being in the wedding party, since she will not attend the bachelorette party or stand at the wedding arch. However, she plays an integral role in the wedding as the hostess of the entire event, as an assistant to her daughter on her wedding day and throughout the entire wedding planning process. She usually spends the entire wedding day helping the bride dress and prepare. She may also deliver a speech during the wedding reception.

The Father of the Bride

According to tradition, the father of the bride pays for the wedding. However, this is not always the case. If the parents of the bride are paying for the entire wedding, they usually cover the cost of the entire event, excluding the rehearsal dinner, groom's transportation and groom's cake. Sometimes, the groom's parents split the cost of the alcohol and bar. The father of the bride usually escorts the bride down the aisle and gives the bride away at the wedding arch. He also gives a special speech at the reception, and dances with his daughter under a spotlight.

The Parents of the Groom

The parents of the groom have an important role. They offer support to their son and may assist with planning parts of the wedding. Traditionally, they are responsible for planning and paying for the rehearsal dinner and groom's cake. They both give important speeches during the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes, they share the cost of the alcohol.

Children in the Wedding Party

Having flower girls and page boys creates a place for children in the wedding. Flower girls walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids, dropping rose petals along the way. They are usually dressed to match the bride. Page boys are the male counterpart to flower girls. They usually walk with flower girls down the aisle. The ring bearer carries the rings down the aisle on a pillow. Some couples assign this duty to a young boy. The best man holds the rings when a ring bearer is not available. Having children involved in the wedding is a personal choice.

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