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Questions About the Wedding Venue and Vendors

Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding day is an exciting process. You will probably form a few checklists and questions along the way. Since the wedding venue and booking vendors are so important for your wedding day, we created a list of questions and answers to help you plan.

When should I book the wedding venue?

Most couples book their wedding venue between one and two years before their wedding day. The average wedding is planned on a twelve month timeline. You should book the venue before planning any other details.

Wedding Venue

How do I choose a wedding venue?

You should always tour a wedding venue to experience the space. When choosing a venue, think about your vision for your wedding day. An all-inclusive venue includes all of the furnishings, décor and wedding design services that can help you bring your vision to life. The venue should have adequate space for your guest count and entertainment. If a venue can accommodate the ceremony and the reception, it can provide savings and eliminate the stress of transporting guests between venues. A bridal suite and groom suite are important accommodations. Make a list of what is important to you and make sure the venue can deliver exactly what you want.

Wedding Venue

Do I need a wedding planner with an all-inclusive wedding venue?

It is estimated that about 70% of brides are planning their weddings without a wedding planner. If you book with an all-inclusive wedding venue with wedding designers, planners, vendors and a concierge service, you can easily forego the planner and save thousands on the wedding planning.

When should I book wedding vendors?

You should book your catering, photography and entertainment just after you book your wedding venue. All of your other vendors should be booked at least six months prior to your wedding day.

Wedding Venue

What type of bar should I have?

Most weddings have a bar, but that does not always involve alcohol. Serving alcohol is a personal choice. If you are serving alcohol, you might choose to have a consumption bar and pay by the drink or bottle. A bar package provides an open bar for a certain amount of time. Bar packages come in different levels. A soft bar serves beer and wine. A standard bar usually has lower-priced brands, while a premium bar serves premium liquors. A cash bar allows guests to buy their own drinks. While a cash bar can be easy on the budget, it can appear tacky; therefore, it is rarely recommended.

Wedding Venue

How do I choose a catering company?

A tasting is an important part of the process that you should never avoid. It is an opportunity to meet with catering companies to compare dishes, options and services. While you hope your dining experience will surprise you, you do not want to be surprised by an unfortunate and unplanned dining experience on your wedding day. If there could ever be a single most important rule of choosing a caterer, it would probably be to taste the food you plan to serve. Choosing your caterer comes down to experience, reputation, presentation and flavor.

What Should I look for in a photographer?

Experience, skill and style will be part of the decision. Avoid an impulsive last minute decision that is based upon a photographer's availability, rather than their skills. As soon as you get engaged, you should begin thinking about your photography. An important part of your wedding photography is the engagement photo shoot. This is essential for your engagement announcements, but also an opportunity to find your style and get to know the photographer. It also provides an opportunity to review their work and offer feedback for the way you want your wedding photography captured. Make sure you like your photographer’s personality. This person and their team will be part of your wedding day and how the moments are captured.

Wedding Venue

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