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Planning a Wedding During COVID

Couples have questions about planning a wedding during a COVID-19 reality. Most couples want to know when it is safe to start planning. Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary is taking extraordinary measures to provide the answers in a safe wedding venue.

Planning a Wedding Tour

Deciding on a wedding venue is one of the first steps to planning a wedding. Couples begin planning a wedding between one and two years before the date. Touring wedding venues early avoids the risk of the venue not having your date available. Now is the time to plan a 2021 and 2022 wedding. The in-house design team at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary makes planning a wedding easy. Designers are available by appointment for private tours inside of the venue, and for video tours for online planning. You can safely plan your wedding without ever leaving home.

Planning a Wedding with Guidelines

There is no question that weddings of today and in the near future will look a little different. Weddings are slightly smaller, and guests, vendors and staff wear a mask and gloves. Social distancing will remain a concern for some time. As weddings are currently being planned and taking place, they are becoming more like the weddings we dream about. Couples are currently planning a wedding for the safe and the normal to take place next year and the year after.

Planning a Wedding at a Safe Venue

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary designs a ballroom from fantasy while taking safety measures seriously. Management and staff participate in ongoing in-service training and education to maintain compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines. To accomplish safety goals, Crystal Ballroom takes regular health assessments and checks of employees, staff and vendors through interviews and temperature checks. The temperature of every guest is taken before entry to the wedding venue. Surfaces are sanitized after every event by an approved and licensed cleaning service that specializes in the use of products and sanitation equipment to specifically target COVID-19. All staff and vendors wear masks and gloves during events. Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary works above and beyond to ensure the safety of your magical day.

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Couples planning a wedding at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary have access to professional designers to personalize the decor and theme. Walk the aisle in a dream wedding venue that is designed by your imagination. Schedule a safe in-person tour or tour online by video. Save your date and plan your magical moments of next year and beyond. Plan every detail of your fairy tale at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary. Contact Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary to schedule your VIP tour.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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