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Thinking About Getting Engaged?

Getting Engaged

If you are thinking about popping the big question or wondering when your true love will bend to a knee, you might want to know the most common days of the year that couples are getting engaged. While some couples pick a meaningful date for their relationship, there seems to be a trend when it comes to getting engaged. If you are wondering when most couples are making it happen, continue reading.

Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the day of love, and apparently a popular date for getting engaged. Watch out for the Roman god of love on this special day, Cupid pulls back his bow and lets his arrow go straight into lovers hearts. If you are thinking about getting engaged, get prepared for the flowers, candy and the ring. Valentine’s day is among the most popular days of the year that couples are getting engaged.

Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged on the Fourth of July

Whether it is the patriotic spirit or the romantic element of bursting fireworks in the backdrop, the Fourth of July seems to be among the top days of the year that couples are getting engaged. Most of us get that little vacation in warmer weather at outdoors events that almost always involve a festive celebration with friends and family. If you are thinking about getting engaged and it is almost time for the grand finale under the night sky, you might want to take advantage of the magical moment.

Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is about bringing in the new year with a celebration. Trends tell us that that couples are taking advantage of the celebrated occasion to create a romantic moment to pop the big question. If you are thinking about getting engaged on New Year’s Eve, consider a formal affair, such as a mascaraed party. Wait for the ball to drop and let your knee bend to the floor. Get creative with your celebration ideas and take the moment by surprise.

Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged on Christmas Day

Christmas day seems to be the most popular day for getting engaged. Christmas day is a warm and cozy day of love, family and gatherings in the middle of the coldest season. This creates many opportunities to pull it off with surprise. Whether you stand beneath the mistletoe, place the box under the tree or pull it out at Christmas dinner, you might consider getting engaged on Christmas day.

Getting Engaged

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