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Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

"Plan the dream you always wanted," says wedding planner, Denise Morgan. This seems like good advice, but the budget can advise otherwise. Your budget might be the governor on this project, but it should never create sacrifice when it comes to your wedding venue. Since this day will be filled with the most memorable moments of your entire life, we asked some wedding planners for a little advice on choosing a wedding venue.

The Wedding Venue Experience

Only one wedding venue will be able to deliver the magic you envision. Never settle for a venue that does not measure up. Your budget will have a say in most things, but it should not make all the decisions about your wedding day. There seems to be a consensus among wedding planners that a wedding is for the experience. A marriage license is just a trip to the courthouse and a small fee. Everything from the wedding cake to the sparkly dress is optional. That is not how most couples want to experience their wedding day. A small wedding, elopement or courthouse wedding can be romantic, but choosing to gather in a luxurious ceremony space with family and friends is about experiencing your dream moments the way you envision them. Wedding planners offer some of the best advice for having the dream you want on the budget you have.

"It is possible to plan the wedding you want on a smaller budget. Many brides believe they have to rent the wedding venue, furnishings and all of the décor separately, which could consume a large portion of the budget. There are so many other moving pieces to the wedding to consider and it can all add up very quickly. Some couples are surprised to hear that the average cost to plan a wedding is about $30,000. It is possible to put the entire event together for much less, when you plan your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue. Wedding planners do not always like to reveal this secret, since all-inclusive venues have in-house planners and designers. They usually include the furnishings, décor, chinaware, floral arrangements and staff services. An all-inclusive wedding venue can basically plan your entire event in one place. This allows a couple to forego the cost of a wedding planner and create their entire wedding at a fraction of the cost.” -Denise Morgan
Wedding Venue

Location of the Wedding Venue

The location of your wedding venue is important. It is easy to become mesmerized by the enchanting space, but it should be located where it matters. Strike up a little romance in the adventure and consider writing your love story in a smaller city on the outskirts of a honeymoon destination. Central Florida is one of the hottest destination wedding locations. You never have to travel far to reach the romantic coast or theme parks and other attractions. Whether you are traveling 1,000 miles or ten, make the location important. It is a place you will remember forever. Think about your out-of-town guests and consider the distance to an airport and surrounding hotels. Choose a wedding venue near a main highway or interstate with easy access and adequate parking.

Start with Inspiration

Everything begins with a little inspiration. Bring imagination with you to a wedding venue. Share your collage of ideas with designers and planners at a wedding venue that can bring your vision to life. Some venues are limited to an empty space. An all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and décor options gives your dream more possibilities. Professional wedding designers can provide a level of service beyond a wedding venue to actually create the space and stage your wedding day. A professional wedding planner provided a little advice about inspiration for your wedding day.

“The best source of inspiration for your wedding day is a wedding venue. Whether you have a planner or you are on your own, tour the venues. A photograph will not allow you to fully experience the space. You need to feel the space and experience the designs and ambiance.” -Jenna Salmon
Wedding Venue

Services at Your Wedding Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, you should look for services beyond the space. There are other essential services to consider, such as banquet staff, bar services, food managers and day of event coordination services. An all-inclusive wedding venue with the ability to bundle all of these essential services can save you thousands on planning your wedding day, and eliminate all the stress of planning. Wedding planners shared some of the most important services you should request at your wedding venue.

“The most important service you should definitely request at your wedding venue is a day of event coordinator. Even if you are having a small wedding, it can be challenging to manage people and make sure every main event happens as it is scheduled on the timeline.” -Cindy Soto

“One of the most important services a couple should have at their wedding venue is a food manager. Full-service catering can be costly, making drop-off catering the trend. It is critical that you have a food manager to manage temperature, timing and portion control.” Grace Dixon
Wedding Venue

The Guest List

The capacity of your wedding venue is an important factor. After you consult with your budget and find that perfect venue will all of the designs and services of your dreams, you must make sure your dream fits within the space. If you are having a smaller wedding, it is important to know how the furnishings and décor will be arranged within the space to prevent it from looking sparse. If you are planning a large wedding, it will be even more important to understand seating capacity and seating arrangements.

"Your guest count will influence almost every decision you make about your wedding day, from the catering to the size of your wedding venue.” -Laura Smith
Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Bring imagination and your collage of all the ideas that inspired it to a wedding venue that can create your vision for your magical moments. Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary is an all-inclusive wedding venue with in-house designers and planners. Meet inside of the design studio and plan with the finest in the industry. Crystal Ballroom bundles the wedding venue, furnishings, staff services and décor into an affordable package that includes banquet staff, bartender staff, and a professional in-house designer. A day of event coordinator and food manager are also available for a flawless event. Bring imagination and create a fairy tale.


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