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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors

When choosing wedding colors, we are more interested in how we can make our favorite colors work together and work within the space to create our dream wedding. There is a little science to putting a color palette together, and a whole lot of psychology behind the process that we rarely consider. Your wedding day is about creating an experience. These tips should help you create an experience with your wedding colors.

Wedding Colors

Create a Canvas

Before jumping into a palette of color, you should always book your wedding venue. If you have not booked a venue yet, take tours of a wedding venue with in-house designers that can take you through the process of choosing your wedding colors to coordinate within the space. Will you have a blank slate venue or a decorated ballroom? The little details about your wedding venue will influence your color palette. Tented affairs can provide a blank canvas that is defined by the surrounding nature. Step inside of a ballroom with design options, furnishings and décor, and it can be easier to build a color palette. Once you have your canvas, it is time to get creative.

The Psychology of Color

It is not just about favorite colors. Subconsciously, color affects our mood, creativity and can even influence the taste of our food. Most wedding professionals will begin with a base color. Before we get to the base. Let’s talk about color. There is an entire psychology behind color that affects our mood, creativity, taste and how we perceive experiences.

Since the goal of the wedding day is to create an experience, it is important to consider how your wedding colors affect how that day is experienced. It is important to note that people are influenced by color differently, because we each have our own experiences that have created a developed association with certain colors. However color affects each person, there are general responses to color that are worth considering.

Warm Colors

Warm colors are brighter colors and are known to create stimulation. Keep in mind that too much stimulation can become annoying and exhausting. Warm colors hug the side of the color wheel with reds, such as oranges and yellows. These colors have been known to increase blood pressure, respirations, adrenaline and temperature. These responses are not necessarily bad. They can be invigorating.

Cool Colors

Cool colors can create a calming effect. Blue represents sky and sea, which are calming elements in nature. Green symbolizes nature and serenity. The eyes work less when looking at green colors. It is important to note that cool colors are clean and evoke a sense of happiness.

Somewhere Between

If you have trouble choosing a side of the color wheel, do not worry. Purple is one of the three secondary colors. Since it is a combination of red and blue, it takes from the warm and the cool to create something that is neither one. It embodies the perfect balance of red for stimulation and blue for a sense of calm. Purple excites creativity, imagination and stimulation. The shade of purple can take it more towards warm or cool and can take you to the deep of winter or to the light of spring.

Association and Experience

We all have our developed association with color; therefore, color can make us all feel differently. In general, dark colors, such as black and gray can be associated with elegance. Gold and silver feels rich and luxurious. Red can represent passion and love. Pink is associated with softness and femininity. Browns and greens can be associated with nature. Color and scents work together to enhance an experience by altering mood and senses. This is why color can affect the taste of our food. Think about these associations when choosing your wedding colors for your reception experience.

Color can also encourage feelings of happiness. Blue is a number one color for happiness. Yellow is another color associated with happiness; however, too much yellow can be annoying. Purple is the second most favorite color among women, but the second most hated among men. Brown and orange are the least popular colors among men and women. Brown is associated with being a lazy color, which might have some influence on its lack of popularity. The way we feel about a color can be related to our experiences, our own disposition and our developed associations. If you hate a color, it will not matter how happy it makes your friend or lover. Choose wedding colors that make you happy and that you associate with positive memories.

Choose a Base Color

Do not think about accent colors and become overwhelmed with the entire spectrum. Narrow it down to that one significant color in your life that excites the energy and mood of your desires. It can be meaningful because it is your favorite or for other reasons. If the color you love is overpowering, there are ways to incorporate the significant color into your scheme. Remember that color evokes feelings, changes mood and has a psychological association with season. Find the color that you are drawn to and expresses your personality.

Accent Wedding Colors

After choosing a base color, explore accent colors to create dimension. Pick two to three complementary colors with contrasting hues that are on the opposite side of the color wheel. No rules are set in stone about color and season, but season can inspire your palette. Dark and luxurious colors, such as emerald green, plum purple, navy blue and burgundy seem to match well with a contrasting white or silver. The changing season creates a contrast in nature with dark colors on white snow in the winter. Another example with color and season can be observed with the color varieties of spring weddings. The spring creates colorful blooms that influence a space so much that we do not even have to list the colors. We can simply reference “the color of spring” as a color in itself and your imagination will fill in the space.

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