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Build a Team at Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

After you book the magical wedding venue, you will start to build a wedding team that can bring your vision to life. Everything from the catering to the entertainment are important decisions that will determine how your wedding day is remembered. Since building the right team at your wedding venue is so important, we created a small list to help you plan for perfection.

Building Your Vision

Your vision will determine which vendors and how many you choose. Think about how you envision your wedding day. The average wedding has about ten vendors, but your wedding could have more or less. The essential vendors at a wedding venue are the catering, cake designer, entertainment, photography, videography, officiant, florist and hair and makeup artist. Some couples hire an artist to paint or draw guests. Other popular vendors are a live stream service, photo booth experience, ice sculpting, coffee bar service, specialty dessert tables and variety acts. There are a few things to consider before building your wedding team.

Wedding Venue

Catering at Your Wedding Venue

When you are searching for wedding catering, you will probably be focused on quality and presentation, but do not accept anything less than experience. Inexperienced catering creates undesired outcomes. Your wedding catering should arrive on time with proper presentation and portions for every guest in attendance. Perfection is achieved with experience. Use wedding catering companies that are recommended by your wedding venue. Wedding venues have cultivated relationships with preferred caterers by working on countless events together.

Choosing a Cake Designer

As you can imagine, there are a couple things that could seriously go wrong with your wedding cake. Your wedding cake should be an iconic masterpiece on display, not the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Your wedding cake is a task for a professional. Cake designers are master bakers that must be able to sculpt fondant like Michelangelo. Never risk the art on a pedestal to an amateur. Your wedding venue should have a list of talented cake designers.

Photography at Your Wedding Venue

You will cherish the memory of this magical day forever, if you capture it with quality wedding photography. Photography is an art that is influenced by the style and personality of the talent behind the lens. It is important to realize that there are different styles of photography and different styles of post-production editing. Explore different styles with different photographers to find the style you love. Classic photography seems intentional and posed. Documentary style captures the moments as they happen without influencing them. Dramatic photography adds feeling with an abstract method that plays with lighting and effects. There is more than just the style of the shoot. You should also consider the style of the post-production editing and the photographer. Your wedding venue will be able to assist you with choosing a photographer with personality, experience, quality and style.

Wedding Venue

The Officiant

The officiant is not only the one that will make it all legal, they will orchestrate the ceremony and your special rituals and traditions. They will perform special readings and explain your unique customs as they guide you through each step. It is important that you choose an eloquent speaker with personality that fits with yours. You will need to communicate and build a relationship with your officiant to create a personal experience. Since the ceremony will be the most important event at the wedding venue, take your time and choose an officiant that can create the experience you want.

Entertainment at Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding entertainment will be one of the most memorable elements at your wedding venue. It can be challenging to choose the type of wedding entertainment you want, if you are not sure what you want. There is not one type of entertainment better than another. It is kind of like comparing apples to oranges. A live band and wedding DJ might play the same exact song, but the experience will be a completely different one. If you have an appreciation for music and live performances, you might want a live band. If you want continuous music that blends and mixes seamlessly without interruption for a break after a set, you might want a DJ. There is more to a DJ than hitting play on the stereo. They are manipulating the high, mid and low ranges of recorded music and mixing tracks together to create their own creative performance. The decision is all about personal preference and the type of celebration you envision.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary is an all-inclusive wedding venue that can help you build your entire wedding team. Meet with in-house designers and planners and plan with the finest in the industry. The Crystal Ballroom concierge service can help you plan from a list of extraordinary talent. Host your magical moments in a wedding venue designed just for you, and create a flawless event with an award-winning wedding team.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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