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Boho Wedding Theme Made Easy

Boho Wedding

The earthy and artsy designs put a gypsy-style spin on the rustic vibe and create what we know and love as boho. Simple lace, beautiful flowers and tranquil spaces are what this theme is all about. A bohemian wedding is easy on the budget and planning. If you want to create the bohemian aesthetic, keep reading. We are sharing tips and ideas for a boho wedding theme.

Fall in Love with the Boho Wedding

You will fall in love with the boho wedding. This romantic theme consists of lighter palettes with contrasting accents, such as neutral beige and rose against deep burgundies. A vintage-hippie vibe can be achieved with brighter colors and lots of lace, textures and fabrics. When thinking boho, think pampas grass, dramatic flowers and earthy elements with a mix of artsy accents. Keep it natural and simple.

Boho Wedding

What to Look for in the Venue

Your wedding venue will have the greatest affect over design and aesthetic. If you want to create the boho wedding, choose a venue that fits the style. Look for a space that is overflowing with nature. Important features are walls with vines and flowers, overhead canopies of greenery, flowers on the ceiling and around chandeliers and other fixtures, wooden tables and exposed wooden accents. A venue with an outdoor and indoor ceremony space provides more options. The venue does not need to be a barn or cabin. The boho wedding can be created in an elegant venue with the rustic and earthy vibe you want.

Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding Palettes

While a lighter color palette is the most popular choice for this theme, any color palette will work with a boho wedding. A lighter color palette will utilize neutral colors, such as beige, sage and dusty rose. Darker colors, such as burgundy, green and rust, can create a dramatic look for a boho wedding.

Catering a Boho Wedding

A boho wedding should seem a little less formal. You might choose buffet-style food service. Food stations and wooden dessert carts will maintain the theme. Offer finger foods, charcuterie boards, pastries, rustic pies and desserts on beautifully designed carts. Place flowers and designs around the display of food. Build your bar with your favorite local wine and craft beer.

Boho Wedding

Wedding Cake Ideas

A boho wedding cake is easily accomplished when you leave off the rolled fondant and decorate with rough textures. Let the cake crumble show through a thinly iced cake with icing that contrasts the darker layers of a red velvet or chocolate cake. Chocolate is not just for the groom. Seasonal wild flowers and berries add the perfect touch. Place your masterpiece on a wooden cake platter and surround it with greenery and floral arrangements.

Boho Wedding

Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary, and allow the professional wedding designers to bring your dream wedding to life. This elegant venue possesses a rustic vibe throughout the ceremony space and reception ballroom, oversized centerpieces, wooden food carts and coffee stations, romantic floral arrangements, and wooden accents. This all-inclusive venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and designers to create the boho wedding you envision. Step inside of the design studio and plan with Crystal Ballroom.


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