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Answers to the Most Asked Wedding Planning Questions

Wedding Planning

Since wedding planning can require a little guidance, let’s take a peek inside a notebook of brides' most popular questions and discover the answers from professional wedding planners:

"Where do I begin with wedding planning?"

Believe it or not, this is the most popular question asked by first-time brides. Wedding planning does not have a well defined starting point like the grand event does on the timeline. So where does a bride begin? Wedding planners agree that you need to begin with an idea and a few facts. You need to know your budget before you make any big decisions. You need an idea about the guest count before you can book a venue and plan the catering. This never seems to really answer the question for most brides, because what they really want to know is what they should rent, book or buy first. The big item on the wedding planning list that sits in first place and sets the entire plan in motion is the wedding venue. You must book a venue before you can plan anything else.

"How much does a wedding venue cost?"

Since most brides quickly realize the wedding venue is one of the first and most important elements to plan, they very quickly start thinking about the cost. This is a very challenging question to answer, because it depends on many factors. The cost of a venue is influenced directly by the location and the services that are included. If you want an empty space and intend to rent all of the furnishings and décor separately, you might save on the space; however, the cost of furnishing and designing the space might end up being more expensive. The most savings can be found in an all-inclusive venue. The more that is included, the better.

Wedding Planning

"Can I do the wedding planning myself or should I hire a planner?"

Hiring a planner to do your wedding planning is completely optional. It is estimated that only about 30% of brides hire a wedding planner. If 70% of brides are doing it on their own, it is safe to say that it is completely doable. The real question is whether you to want to hire a wedding planner. And that is a question that each bride must ask themselves. If you want a wedding expert to create your dream wedding on your budget while walking a timeline, you might want a planner to keep it all organized. If you book with an all-inclusive wedding venue with in-house designers, planners, vendors and a concierge service, you can easily forego the planner and save the money.

"How do I get a marriage license?"

Believe it or not, this is a very important question that many brides ask. If a bride wants a legal marriage, a marriage license is usually required. A marriage license requires an application process at the courthouse. Depending on local laws and rules, your wedding officiant might be able to help you with this step of the wedding planning process. Some officiants have the ability to assist you with obtaining a marriage license by mail. If this service is not available to you, you will need to make a trip to the courthouse. Some counties allow you to begin the process online. It is important to note that once a marriage license is approved, it is only valid for a certain number of days. It must be timed properly on the timeline. Schedule a consultation with a wedding officiant to plan your ceremony and get assistance with this important detail.

Wedding Planning

"Where do the vendors fit into the wedding planning timeline?"

Wedding planning involves wedding vendors. There is a consensus among planners that the catering is a very important decision. It can absolutely make or break your wedding day. You should book your catering just after you book your wedding venue. Every vendor will take part in creating your moments, but the photography will be responsible for how you remember them. Since it can be challenging to book your date with a sought-after photographer, secure your photographer early. The wedding entertainment will create the vibe of your celebration and be a reflection of your style. Since the entertainment relies upon the talent of an artist during a competitive wedding boom, be prepared to book your entertainment around the same time that you book your catering and photography.

"What type of bar should I have?"

Most weddings have a bar, but that does not always involve alcohol. You could have a dry bar and serve carbonated drinks with splashes of fruit and smoothies or you could stock a bar with wine, beer and your favorite cocktails. You could have a consumption bar and pay by the drink or bottle. A bar package provides an open bar for a certain amount of time. Bar packages come in different levels. A soft bar serves beer and wine. A standard bar usually has lower-priced brands, while a premium bar serves premium liquors. A cash bar allows guests to buy their own drinks. While a cash bar can be easy on the budget, it can appear tacky; therefore, it is rarely recommended. In cases where a couple does not drink alcohol and does not plan on serving it, they might have a cash bar available as an option for guests that want to celebrate a little differently.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary

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wedding planning


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