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Live Stream Your Wedding Day with Life Events Streaming

Experience the magic as the moment happens with a live stream of your wedding day. While photography captures a memory, and videography relives it, live stream services capture all the magic and deliver it in real time to all those that could not make it. Not every special person can be present, but we believe they should be there. Celebrate with Life Events Streaming, and experience life’s most momentous moments from anywhere.

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Capturing Your Moments

Not only is the live stream available in real time for those special people that could not celebrate in person, but it captures the memory of your fairy tale with a full-length unedited video that is instantly available for viewing and sharing. Unlike videography, a live stream sends a live feed from multiple angles over an internet connection, which can be viewed on the Life Events Streaming website or on your special wedding website. The ability to embed the live stream on your wedding website keeps your family and friends on your platform and interacting with your special page. Since a live stream captures the moment raw and unedited, the video stream is kept private for the ones you invite to celebrate with you during your intimate moments. The unedited video can also be downloaded to create a cinematic production with your chosen videographer.

Live Stream Your Wedding

Live Stream with Life Events Streaming

Life Events Streaming strives to create a live stream that brings the magic of every moment as it is created to the viewer with the professional quality and latest technology that your moments deserve. Professional sound equipment is strategically placed in different positions within the ceremony and reception space to capture those poetic vows, magical readings and unforgettable speeches with quality that creates a feeling of presence. The latest technology of streaming devices and robotic cameras are placed throughout your wedding venue and utilized with overhead jigging to capture every angle of your moment now and forever. Do not let one single moment of your special day be missed or fade away. Capture every perfect moment as you create it and share it with immersive live stream services.

Life Events Streaming

Meet the Talent Behind Your Broadcast

The talent behind your live stream is the founder of Life Events Streaming, Kyle Cassandra, and an extraordinary team of broadcast professionals. After studying broadcasting at the University of Central Florida, Kyle refined his skills and talent by dedicating years in the field of television broadcasting. Personal experiences, challenges and innovation led to the discovery of a passion for sharing life’s precious moments with technology. A live stream utilizes the latest technology to bring your loved ones to the moment. Life Events Streaming is passion and dedication to capturing every moment you make and sharing it with those that could not be there.

Live Stream Your Wedding Day


Consultations are integral to capturing your magical day, and ensure every moment is delivered to your special guests as if they were in the same room when the moments were made. It is the opportunity to learn about techniques and possibilities for the day your fairy tale comes true. Bring imagination to a consultation and explore all of your options with sound equipment, camera placement, overhead jigs and viewing applications. Your vision and timeline will create the blueprints for the placement of sound devices and robotic cameras within your wedding venue. Every consultation is absolutely free. Contact Life Events Streaming to build a special relationship with a professional broadcast team that revolves around sharing your dream.

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