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Get Inspired by Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is just around the corner with vibrant colors and elegant centerpieces that will make you fall in love with the season of your wedding. Imagine pumpkins, spice and warmer colors with three months of romance. Envision everything from the elegance of a princess fairy tale to rustic themes provided by the earthy elements that the season brings. Dream up a wedding date sometime in September or November or anywhere between, and fall in love with these fall wedding ideas.

Ideas with Flowers

Flowers are part of almost every wedding, and the fall season offers a variety for the picking. Some mistakenly associate the fall with fewer blooms and less options; however, fall offers an abundance of unique colors during a cycle of change. Fall wedding ideas with flowers involve the deep burgundy of dahlias and the sophistication of the white petals and black centers of anemones. Of course marigolds and sunflowers are all about the season. The best fall wedding ideas include seasonal berries and acorns for accents. Drape your centerpieces with fall leaves, lots of burgundy and vines, contrasting the gold tones.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas for Centerpieces

Bring the element of fall to your table setting with your centerpieces. The earthy element of the fall can be incorporated with rustic pieces. Incorporate tiny log accents, lanterns and wooden crate baskets. Decorate your table with manzanita trees and glass vases. Fall wedding ideas can escape the woods and the rustic for the elegance of a formal ballroom with mosaic candelabras and sequined textures. Consider floating votive candles in vases.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Ideas for the Cake

Fall evokes the imagery of golden leaves and earthy themes. These fall wedding ideas carry that imagery to the cake, which is an intrinsic piece of your wedding theme. Semi-nude cakes with marbled icing or boldly bare cakes are becoming a rustic fall trend. Use the rough texture and rich color of a red velvet cake and decorate with fall flowers, apples, cranberries, pears, pomegranates, fruit, figs and drizzle it with caramel. Add more of the fall with the flavor of pumpkin spice, gingerbread and apple spice.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas for Color

Fall wedding ideas for color are burnt orange, yellow, gold, burgundy and brown. Modern expression of the fall colors offers gold, champagne and copper with contrasting plum, green, black and orange. Stage your wedding venue with over sized floral arrangements and centerpieces with fall blooms and foliage to bring in all the colors and earthy tones the season provides.

Ideas for Food

October is the season for pumpkin patches, sweet potatoes and squash. The best fall wedding ideas for food are turkey with gravy, and meaty soups with carrots and potatoes. Consider serving root vegetables and butternut squash soup. Other fall wedding ideas for food include cranberries, pumpkin pie, apple pie, spice bread, nuts, raisins, figs and chocolate.

Fall Wedding Ideas

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