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Wedding DJ
Wedding DJ

Create a customized experience to match the dynamic of your celebration with the masters of audio and visual technology and an award-winning DJ team. Wherever your moments take you, Revolution Productions Services creates the unforgettable experiences with your customized playlist that follows your timeline. Experience an immersive sound and light show with a club-style vibe where the music does not end until your celebration does. Diversity and experience delivers culture and the mix of your best era of music to your dance floor. Whether corporate event, quinceanera celebration or the wedding of your dreams, Revolution Productions Services delivers the ultimate party experience.

Wedding DJ
Wedding DJ

Meet Revolution Productions Services

Experience, passion and quality combine to create your ultimate celebration. Meet Revolution Productions Services, a DJ company built upon experience, reputation and the promise of superior entertainment. The passion for entertainment and the delivery of musical experiences developed from humble beginnings in the melting pot of culture. Experience at upscale clubs and production theaters, including the Highline Ballroom, Latin Quarter and The House of Blues, combined with with passion for recording engineering and a rigorous program at Full Sail University to create the ultimate DJ entertainment.

Wedding DJ

Customize Your DJ Experience

Revolution Productions Services is more than just music. It is an immersive sound and dance floor lighting experience that brings your party to life. Bring your imagination to a consultation, where a client-focused model helps you build the blueprints for your celebration. Your magical moments receive exclusivity and dedication to quality and every unique detail that makes every event flawless. Revolution Productions Services is a bilingual DJ and MC team that caters to your timeline and your playlist to deliver complete entertainment with the latest technology and the most advanced lighting, sound and visual displays. Your moments deserve quality, exclusivity and a client-focused team. Customize your package and create a unique celebration with transparency and unique alternatives that save you money while providing exactly what your event requires.

DJ Consultations

Explore an online portal and build a unique timeline with names of the wedding party, custom songs and details to plan your entire event. Experience a consultation to review content, videos and an extraordinary portfolio. Build a unique relationship and make connections with award-winning DJ professionals. Maintain constant communication throughout the entire planning process. Journey through a second consultation to review songs and confirm the exact version of every song on your playlist, while avoiding every song you never want to hear. Revolution Productions Services delivers exceptional service, quality, excellence and technical experience to every moment.

Wedding DJ

Lighting and Effects

Beyond DJ packages, discover uplighting, stage lighting, dance floor effects and fully customizable monograms. Light up your event and intensify the experience.

Photo Booth Experience

Deliver an interactive open air photo booth experience. Your guests will enjoy capturing memories with customized filters and photo props. An onsite attendant, back drop options and customized banners are all included in the photo booth experience.

Dance on a Cloud

Dance on a cloud with the fairy tale experience of low-lying fog that blankets the floor and creates an enchanting space.

Visual Technology

Take your guests down memory lane and walk through highlight moments and special memories with the latest technology of slideshows and projections at your magical event.

Live Stream and Zoom Video

Create a live stream that brings the magic of every moment as it is created to the viewer with the professional quality and latest technology that your moments deserve. The latest technology of live stream devices and Zoom Meetings allows you to deliver the moments to those that could not be there. Capture every perfect moment as you create it and share it with immersive live stream services.

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